Sunday, March 27, 2005

Folks likely won't be surprised to learn that Broos is a murderer. There's something suspicious about him, isn't there? :) It's also no surprise that helping someone out is what drove him to slay his employer; he's a family/friend loyalist. And a murderer, but still.

My cherubs are home now after a very quick little weekend visit. They're so comfortable to be around. Mittens relaxed with them, Melody graciously welcomed them and I already miss them. We went together to game night on Friday, to see Steamboy, to the murder mystery party yesterday and today to an Asian shop en route to the airport.

It seemed like a long weekend and yet we took it pretty easy. Chris managed to make nearly 40 plat in EQ before breakfast. If only real money were as easy to make as slaying local hill giants.

We drove by the nearby community college, which was closed for the weekend, but had catalogs piled by the admissions office. Chris is interested in moving down here this summer, finding a job, making some money and going to school to get a degree. He's currently interested in foreign languages and after a few years of German and Japanese, will be taking Spanish next quarter. He was very interested in the the fact that there's community colleges here that offer degree programs in foreign language. At the Japanese store, Phil and I were trying to work out one of the signs (and both of us had forgotten a few of the characters, so it was an exercise in "something-something YO something...") and in the end had to have Chris tell us what it said. :) I'm looking forward to having him here all the time!

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