Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I have apparently got two of the most high strung cats in the world. It would be funny (and yeah, okay, it is) if it weren't so dangerous. Melody flung herself out the window last night in a frenzy, saved only by her fingernails with which she clawed her way back in through the screen.

Actually, I haven't any idea what she did, but since her favorite tactic is to race across the living room (and I can hear her at it now), then leap onto the table and ride the tablecloth into the window, I'm imagining she rode into the screen and thought she was going through, therefore clawing a very big hole into it as she turned around to dash back the other way. In any case there's a big honking hole in my window screen now.

She and Mittens can sleep on the bed within a foot of each other now, so long as I'm in the middle of them. On one hand, I keep imagining someone finding my shredded remains after they've scared each other into a frenzy. On the other hand, they both stop whatever they're doing if they realize I'm watching them.

Melody came upon Mittens asleep and gently began sniffing him but accidentally whiskered his fur, which brought snarling him awake and caused her to fall off the bed (trying to save herself with those damn fingernails and ruining my duvet) in surprise. Mittens got up growling to attack but I put out a hand which he turned around to bite, realizing it was me juuuuuust in time to stop. He's never hurt me and wouldn't on purpose, but even as I reached for him, I remembered that Behr had never bit through Candice's skin before either, and she ended up in the hospital after startling him.

That's my life. I have cats. And a holey window screen. A-men.

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