Monday, April 25, 2005

Tivo picked up a show that I'm enjoying: Hot Rocks. Although I was initially poised to delete it, after hearing the host speak I just had to keep it and have now got the season pass. He's got a very Scottish accent which reminded me at first of Billy Boyd (whom I still have a crush upon).

Sometimes though he reminds me of my character at the murder dinner Michelle and John hosted, where I wore my plaid table cloth in the guise of a Scottish wine expert. I have the show running in the background while I'm playing mah jong on my laptop and every so often I find myself chortling under my breath and repeating after him in my bad Scots accent, "We'll find the answer inder the grraw-und." Heh.

An issue with Tivo lately is that it's not changing channels when it says it is, so some of my shows are not the shows I think they are. :( For example, it's recording Hot Rocks now, but when I changed over to check on it, sure enough it said it was recording channel 212, but was actually stuck on BBC America. I'll have to wait for the episode to finish recording so I can fiddle with the IR thingers, as the Tivo help website suggests I need to fiddle with them.

Two sleeping cats curled up on the bed. Mittens beside me (hogging the center of the bed) and Melody in a comma shape at the foot of it (but also toward the middle). I suppose I ought to be grateful for this sliver of bed they allot to me.

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