Friday, May 20, 2005

A day of firsts. I caught the train from Solana Beach to Los Angeles to spend the day at E3. This is my first stop in Solana Beach and first train ride in California. And despite my fears that I would catch the wrong train and end up in Argentina, things went very well. As I waited for the train, some of the sound folks for the game arrived at the station so I knew I was pointed the correct way. One fear down, a million to go :)

Last year at E3, I lived an entirely different life. I wasn't working or living where I am now. My job, while interesting, wasn't exactly what I had wanted. My current employer sent me to E3 to interview with the folks who would become my supervisors and my entire life changed.

And in the past year, I've realized I love my current job. Every day seems a little different with different challenges or opportunities. There's stuff I wish would be different, but I'm able to get past those things.

One thing that I am not sure what to do with is my homesickness for Seattle. I miss the weather, the city, my friends, and most of all my cherubs. That makes me question whether I've made the right decision, to do what I love but live so far away from everything. I lived in Seattle for 20 years and know where to find X, Y or Z if I need to. Will it take 20 years for me to live here before I feel that same sense of connection to San Diego?

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