Wednesday, May 18, 2005

You know your mind is someplace else when you're grating parmesan cheese and wonder how some gouda wax got onto your grater, then realize've grated your thumb. :/

I've been playing KotOR 2 though I'm not quite finished with it yet. I've converted the majority of my cohorts into lovely Jedi, which is rather nice when you see three light sabers slicing and dicing the Sith. However, there's some stuff in this game that I'm not very fond of.

First, your conversations with other team mates seem to happen in huge chunks of expository. You can go for an entire planet without some of them having anything worthwhile to say, but once they get started you can't shut them up. Atton went on for about a half hour at one point :/ There's a lot of typos in the dialog. Grammar, I can get over but separately spelled 'seperately' twice in one paragraph nearly sent me over the edge.

Some of the AI is wonky, too. Every time I'm on the ship and talk to Atton, he never turns around to face me. He'll stand up, face out the front window and talk, which takes away some of the immersion. Then again, most of the time all he wants to do is play pazaak, even when I'm in the skimpy dancer girl outfit (which boosts my charisma ;>). I'm assuming he's the romantic interest in this edition, but since I've turned him into a Jedi, I suppose there's no romance in my future now!

Anyway, my thumb may feel grate (snicker) but I'm tired. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep through the night for a change.

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