Sunday, June 12, 2005

I'm home now. Mittens and Melody are perched at my feet, giving each other stink eye but otherwise being cordial. I am, of course, lounging in bed now because I am exhausted.

One thing I hate about Las Vegas is the fact that folks can smoke indoors, so they do. While the Hilton's casino area had reasonable air, the conference side had terrible circulation. Poor Matt caught something or other and was unusually subdued. It was kind of freaky to see him so quiet for the majority of the trip. Of course, the two warp core breaches he shared with one of the other designers might have hastened his illness. :)

I had a pretty good time, overall. Disconcertingly when someone introduced me at one session, a group in the far corner went, "Ohhhh...that's Owlchick." Eep. To which I could only reply, "Yes! And I'm an actual chick!" I don't know that I actually met any of these folks, though. I hate being so bad with names, but there you go.

More some other time. I fell asleep at 3 and woke up at 5 this morning (Broos, be grateful I didn't call you then). :/ While I went to bed at reasonble hours all the other nights, I don't sleep well in hotels so cumulatively I've lost more sleep than I can handle.

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