Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sometimes one person in one moment can change your life.

The first time Matt drove me anywhere in his little sports car, I spent the ride laughing hysterically, calling him names and screaming in terror. The other day Matt was driving us to and from lunch and I realized on the way back that I wasn't screaming. Matt said something like I'd be ready to ride a roller coaster.

I told him definitely no because I'm afraid of heights and speeding, then he pointed out we'd been doing more than the speed limit and I'd survived. He said he'd been afraid of heights but he confronted his fear and now he's over it. And suddenly, I thought, "You know, I can do this. I'm old enough to get over this." So I agreed to go with him sometime; that's when my life changed.

Sometime is tomorrow :/ Matt, his girlfriend Faith, his roommate Taylor and I are driving up to Six Flags. Sometime is so much better when it's a nebulous time in the future.

I'm watching Realm of Fear right now. I figured it would be timely :/

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