Sunday, August 07, 2005

Phil and I spent the afternoon at the San Diego Ren Faire. It did seem a bit spendy admission-wise, but on the bright side Phil enjoyed the heck out of it.

We almost didn't make it, since I had no idea it was happening until around noon when I opened up a newspaper. Then I copied the directions on how to get there, and off we went. Only the directions left us hanging looking for a particular street to turn left onto.

We took a tour of downtown San Diego before finally locating the obscure little side street that leads direction to the parking lot. We ended up parking on the street though, since I figured by then we'd driven the equivalent of 20 miles trying to get there.

Phil likes weaponry so we did two tours of the merchant tents. He bought himself a couple of little items as souvenirs (not weapons) and we got home just a bit ago. I'm going to make us some fruit smoothies now for dinner. :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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  2. Wow, that's my first anonymous weird comment!