Saturday, August 13, 2005

Company picnic today. All three of us went and the cherubs got to finally meet Matt. Chris said, "So, mom, I guess this is another guy you wouldn't let date your daughter...if you had one." I wish he'd stop saying that, even if it's true! hahaha! Chris rode the jet ski, Phil and I took out one of those oversized tricycle things and paddled around. No sunburns today thanks to spray on sun screen!

We left a bit early as Chris has to work Saturdays, so Phil and I followed him to the mall. Here in San Diego, there are open air malls, unlike Seattle where they're indoor malls. We strolled around in the sunshine for a bit before returning to Red Robin for dinner. I asked the hostess to seat us where we could see Chris.

He looked so professional back there, it did my heart good. If you're at the Red Robin for dinner some day, your burgers may be getting wrapped in parchment by my cherub!

I bought my tickets to Hawaii. Yay! I can't wait to go :) Although I'm dying to see Kenny Loggins and hang out with Kurt, right about now all I can think about is having a coconut napple at Zippy's. Every so often when I get a craving, I go to the website and pretend I'm going to order some sent to me. Just knowing that I could, even though I never do, feels great.

Dianne and I also bought tickets for her to come visit me for our letter burning. We decided it was much, much cheaper for one of us to go directly to the other person instead of both of us shelling out for San Francisco. Plus I have a fireplace, and we couldn't be sure a hotel wouldn't frown on us burning reams of paper in our room.


  1. It's really good :)

    I like loco moco, too, but I don't think they have that on the website. That's a hamburger patty with an egg on top of a little mound of rice. Smothered in gravy.