Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Phil went home yesterday :( We had a good, long visit, but I'll miss having him around. He's so cute. If I walk by him and say in a deep voice, "Phil...uuuuuupp," he replies, "Mom...uuuuupp." We've been doing that for years, though it's funnier now that his voice is even deeper than mine :)

Chris' cat Megan lives with us now, too. That would be 3 cats, all of whose names start with the letter M. She's older than Mittens, probably around 7 or 8 now, but small. She's also very quiet, keeping to herself in Chris' room. Mittens and Melody have gone in to see her, but she efficiently disappears and they come slinking out again. While I'm sure Melody's interested in actually meeting Megan, Mittens seems more like he wants to beat her up. I am not sure where he developed such a poor attitude...especially since Melody and Megan could probably slice him to ribbons.

Tis our crunch time now. I'm very excited about the stuff that I get to do for our expansion, so the long hours will come in handy. I had to skip D&D night,though, but I stopped in to see if Todd's newest incarnation made it through the adventure (he did, brought back from the brink of -5 HP by clerical intervention).

If you don't see much of me till September, I am crunching. Crunch, crunch, crunch!

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