Monday, October 17, 2005

Dianne's flight home left later than expected tonight, which is fine for me (not so good for her) as we had so much catching up to do.

Saturday we sat down with our letter collections and read all day, interspersed with reviewing our old annuals to see who was whom. Most of the stuff I had was from our high school years; Dianne's collection was mainly letters I'd written to her while at basic and advance training, so between us we had about 5 years of history.

There were episodes in our letters that neither of us remembered until seeing them again. Some rather unhappy episodes in my life date to that period of time and it was odd to remember them after having buried the memories for so long. I'm sure Dianne felt somewhat the same about some of her notes to me.

We called Kurt up around midnight; he commented that he wished he were here to read these things with us to which we emphatically said, "NO!" Heh :) While we're pretty sure none of our family members would know who we were talking about (and in at least one case, we have no idea who we meant), Kurt would know pretty much everyone...especially since he himself showed up in these things now and again. Hahaha!

So much angst! Sometimes we wrote intelligently about life and love; other times we were befuddled and confused about everything around us. We counseled each other, dished about the boys we knew and asked for help unraveling what "he" meant when he said whatever; "he" being whichever guy we had a particular crush on at the time. We said some things that, looking back, turned out to be eerily prophetic.

The whole day and night we rocked with laughter, quoting to each other when something was particularly funny or prescient. Points were clarified, decisions re-debated and episodes relived. The process was not only fun, but in a way healing.

This morning we burnt our letter collections. There were so many that at one point I was concerned we'd set the chimney on fire as well. It would have been fitting; some of these letters contained hot stuff! :)

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