Thursday, November 03, 2005

Whose Side Are You On? by me

Setting: a gaming household, modern day.

[Enter Mom from the outdoors, looking sad, for she has had a bad day...her cherub rushes out from his room to give her a hug and a kiss, but is edging toward his room, from which come growls and menacing sounds.]

Cherub: Mom, can I go finish off this raid? Then I'll come back and sit with you.
Mom: Are you Alliance or Horde?
Cherub: Er, Alliance.
Mom: Well... Okay.

And a bad day indeed, for at lunchtime when Matt, Liz and I hopped into my car nothing happened. One of the coding dudes had jumper cables, so while Matt and Liz (who is fearless!) hopped into Matt's car to go get lunch, my battery got rescuisititatted. Rescceruertated. Resessitarted.

It got jumped and I drove it, upon Broos' recommendation, to a car place to have it checked. $117 later and three hours later, I have a new battery and a broken glove box handle (the worker broke it trying to put away a piece of paper).


Chris' girlfriend Naomi came over. a bit ago and they've gone off to see a movie She's a sweet, giggly girlie-girl who asked me if she could come over sometimes and hang out with me. I think Chris has put her up to it because he's tired of me wandering out of my room and saying, "These brown shoes? Or these?" and expecting an answer.

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  1. Sorry you had such a crappy day, sis. <3

    But it was nice finding out your texty thingie worked!

    And it's also sweet that Chris asked his girlfriend to come visit you. How many young men ask their dates to keep their mom's company, hrm? That's just sweet :)