Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Broos is a very kind fellow, indeed. He is also a goober :)

He invited me out to dinner to celebrate my birthday, so we went to a very spiffy place in Del Mar. Turns out it wasn't just a little birthday dinner; he'd invited some of our favorite game night pals. We had a lovely, cozy dinner for seven overlooking the ocean. And I got to have a huge slab (the last one they had) of "hula pie."

Afterwards, I was slightly traumatised since I'd followed Broos to the restaurant and now had no idea how to get back to the freeway. I managed to wend my way over to an area that I recognized, but realized I was in the wrong lane. I drove slowly along, waiting for the cars in the next lane over to pass me so I could tuck in behind them. One of them slowed down.

"What an asshole," I muttered, glancing over. It wasn't an asshole; it was a goober. He rolled down his window and beckoned for me to follow. Then at the exit (which I knew was mine! honest!) he flashed his blinkers so I'd know which road to take.

Let that just be a lesson to us all: sometimes the asshole you see on the road is really your friend :)

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