Monday, February 27, 2006

Sitting up and walking take all my energy. So I'm going to just jot this down, then go back and collapse on the couch.

Emergency appendectomies are not fun.

Broos is a wonderful, wonderful friend. So are Candyce and Amy. And Matt, Bringer of the Hair Dryer. My cherub Chris is perfectly sweet and adorable, bringing me water and juice and allowing me to watch all three 'original' Star Wars movies back to back.

I've often felt as though I haven't many friends down here, but when they had to root up extra chairs for my room to accomodate them all, I realized how mistaken I am.

Thank you all. Going back to sleep.


  1. Feel better, hootie-chica! Now go lie back down and let people wait on you!

  2. Broos is indeed a wonderful friend. I adore you, Broos!

    The last text message he sent the day after (I think) was, "Still in pain and requesting morphine, but is doing better."

    I was relieved he didn't report, "Still searching for missing forceps..."

    Love you, sis.

    Oh -- Chris should call mom and give her a report on your condition.

  3. Well, she was no longer writhing in pain, tears in her eyes. So, yea. I consider that "better".

    I just want her to come back to work! We miss her around here.

  4. Oh. Anonymous is Broos. Because I hate having to sign up for silly accounts every time I go to a website. No really. I want one damn account that accesses everything. Call me big brother.


  5. Heh. Yeah, it gets annoying signing up for all these blog thingers. Hey, there's a business idea -- omniblogger! Bwahaha! You may be on to something, Broos.