Sunday, March 05, 2006

Recovery goes on, slowly but surely.

I had no idea how sick I was until I sat with my doctor on Thursday for a check up. We read the hospital notes together and it was full of very exciting terms that I haven't seen since my days in medical insurance. My doctor, pointing out parts of the reports said, "You were very, very lucky." At the end of our appointment, she gave me a hug.

The whole mortality thing will hit me later, I'm sure. Right now I'm rejoicing that I've finally finished the last of those awful antibiotics. And I lost 5 pounds in one week, though once my appetite returns I'm sure that'll be adjusted again.

Sitting up is still kind of uncomfortable. I don't know how cats do it, but I am not meant to lounge around all day, sleeping in little patches of sunlight. Oh, well. I tried :)


  1. Gryph, per your instructions I now have an Owlchick at livejournal. Can I be your friend? :)

  2. You are very, very lucky, and we are very, very relieved. ((hugs))