Thursday, April 27, 2006

Lately I feel as though I'm rushing towards something but I'm not sure what it is. It's a sense of anticipation that's not unhappy, but it leaves my mind racing around, wondering what it is. That makes it difficult for me to sleep, which tempts me to take benadryl at night so I can get some rest.

It's partly excitement at getting to work at E3. This would be the first time for me so I'm not jaded or bored with the idea. Ask me when it's over and my response will likely be different! But I like to travel and I don't mind giving speeches in front of people, so it'll be an experience for me.

Also, E3 is followed immediately by our trip to Hawaii. I'm hoping my mom took it to heart when I told her that Barb and I are taking her to dinner on Mother's Day but that we're not rich and she's likely to end up at the sushi-via-little-boats place that we went to on my last visit. Still, knowing our sainted mother, she is thinking of asking for something a lot more exciting.

Which reminds me...Barb! Have one of your minions make reservations someplace or we'll be taking her to L&L! :D


  1. Minions have been informed. Does it have to be dinner? Cuz we can do a lovely brunch at Kahala like in the very old days when I was young and rich.

    Is Sushi going to join us? I know when she's coming but not when the heck she's leaving -- seems I've misplaced the email I sent the hotel about her reservations.

    Ooh, speaking of which, do you want to go to Compline again while you're here? Minus the bible study...we'll sneak in the other door :P

  2. Sushi in boats! AWESOME! I've heard of these places. (Did I mention someone should point me at Chinatown while I'm there?)

    I'm there the 13th - 19th, dahhhlings!

  3. I hope she comes with us! She has to meet our sainted mother...and brunch is fine. Mimosas, anyone? Muahahahaha!

    We can go to Chinatown and do dim sum for lunch while we're on holiday. =)

  4. Oh, will be going to church, so it might best be supper. But you can ask her directly...she and I talked about dinner.

  5. Okay, dinner it is. Y'all can take Cyd to the sushi-in-boat thing.'re welcome to do so, I insist! Hehehe!

    A buffet dinner would be a waste on mom, she doesn't eat so much these days but it would be tres keen to hit Kahala up for their dinner buffet.

    Or Aaron's. Hrm.

    Oh! I noticed this huuuuuuuge queue of people at an okazu in Kalihi, just up the block from Kam Bakery. We're talking 20-30 people waiting outside this place at around 10:30am. So...put this on your list of things to do. Plus Kam Bakery has the best donuts in the world, provided you get there before 8am when they're all sold out :/

  6. I'm pretty much a fan of all food, so, you know, take me wherever. :)

  7. Compline will be cool. Sushi will like it.

    Uh, don't have any other plans but the ones we're making for you, do you? :D