Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My future Office- and former Coffee-Mate, SteveD, has a blog (see below, everyone has a blog). Recently, he commented about the announcement of Star Trek's next movie.

I'm a trekker at heart, so I had read a couple of news bits about the forthcoming movie with some trepidation. It'll be very interesting to see how it turns out! While Star Wars' prequels weren't up to the hype and anticipation, I think we've had enough less-than-stellar (so to speak) Star Trek movies to kind of be used to it. I'd like to get chicken skin watching the new movie the way I did when the first Star Trek movie came out.

Meanwhile, here's a way to get your kind of original episode fill: Star Trek: New Voyages. They do a very nice job of recreating the sets and feel of the original series. The acting is occasionally stretched, but overall I'm enjoying it quite a bit. They've got the music, the transition suspense and great special effects. And apparently, they're also going to have Walter Koenig in the next episode. How cool is that?

If you download the episodes, you might try this mirror site, as it has much shorter times than the mirror I used last night. Enjoy!


  1. Once again, you made my day Owlie :)


  2. Sometimes I wonder if the Star Trek movies would be better made if the fan base wasn't so built-in.