Friday, April 21, 2006

Moving is always stressful, exciting, fretful and...kind of fun!

We've been hearing for a while now that the folks on our team were going to be moved around within our office space. Some of the designers sit farther away from the team than others and moving us around will bring us closer to the rest of the gang. The first wave of moves started last night.

I now have the largest office in the entire company. Muahahaha!

Of course, that's because all the mechanics folks moved into their new space, leaving me the former conference room in which we all shared cubicles. Meanwhile, I have the largest office in the world!

I won't move until next week, so this afternoon my new roomie and I scoped out our future home. We calculated where our desks will go very carefully as neither of us wants our back to the door. I have no idea what demons haunt Steve that he needs to eye the door, but I know who my demon is. He shall be foiled! Once I actually move...until then, he'll continue to sneak up behind me and startle me into profanity.

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  1. Quick -- stick a sign with your name on the door to the big office and snap a picture of you in it! Mom will be so proud, hee!