Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The men have been pimping up their restroom ever since one of them found out that the women's restroom had a couple of plants on the counter.

Now they have a mouthwash dispenser, one of the plants from the women's restroom (the plants were not doing so well where they were anyway...maybe they need mouthwash) and the latest innovation, a radio. When the door opens, everyone can hear it up and down the hall.

Next thing you know, they'll have hot shaving cream dispensers, warm towels and aromatherapy. It'll be good for them. Then they'll understand why, sometimes, a girl likes to be surrounded by nice things when she gets her hair cut and nails done.


  1. I don't think most men will ever understand. I'm okay with that. There are just some places...ya know...that belong to girls. Men have strip clubs, we have day spas. That's how God intended it to work out :P

  2. One man's point of view on the fancy bathroom thing. I can't believe that any man would want that stuff in the bathroom. Has to be the actions a lone shooter. A sadly misguided lone shooter. The rest of the men are just humoring him. Plants in a men's room? Very incongruous.

    I suppose another plausible theory is that it's really the actions of the cleaning lady....