Wednesday, May 17, 2006

E3 went rather quickly. Other than a severe bout of stage fright the first day, I remembered everything I needed to say about our game and was very charming to the folks I got to meet. Got to do a drive-by hugging of Steph and Mike P., but apparently missed Melissa's visit to our booth.

And now we are on holiday with Sushi and my sister! Barb took the week off, and we've been behaving like tourists. Yesterday, Sushi and I shopped for hours, then sat on the beach fronting her hotel, followed by consuming mai-tais at the bar.

Today, we did the semi-circle island tour, driving around Kailua, over the H-3 to Pearl Harbor and out to the Dole Plantation to totally pwn the maze. :)

We finished the day with a picnic dinner at Haleiwa Beach. Now, the three of us met due to our time as GMs for Simu, so we're an imaginative crew, but we each have different approaches to things. We illustrate our different approach to things with this dinner theater vignette:

Sushi: Is you have turtles? Oh, my god! That's a turtle! [stands up and points]
Barb: They're a protected species; let's get closer and take pictures! [grabs camera and heads down the beach]
Me: We shouldn't disturb them because...ooh, look! There they are! [sits up straighter, staring into the waves]

Later, after parallel pursuing the turtles along the shore, Barb returns from her photo-taking, ecstatic and babbling.

Barb: I'm calling Erik!
Sushi: It's like...midnight where he is.
Barb: That's okay; if he doesn't want to talk to us, he won't answer the phone!

And so our heroines watch the sun set while Barb and Sushi relay the day's adventures to Erik, who's apparently recovering nicely (so to speak) from his surgery, while the turtles frolic in the surf and Tracy picks up stray bits of rubbish along the shore.

This is a very nice holiday. Tomorrow we plan to go to Hanauma Bay and snorkel. Alooooooha!


  1. There's some anger I'm all are having too much fun.


  2. There is no such thing as too much fun :D