Saturday, May 20, 2006

Back in San Diego again. The cats are very happy to see me, for I suspect my return was heralded by Chris vigorously cleaning their litter boxes and that always makes them happy :)

Thursday was our last evening as the Three Chickas of the Apocalypse, so Barb, Sushi and I went to see Don Ho. I've never seen him perform before, but he was very entertaining, considering the surgery he underwent not too long ago. In fact, I'm sure he was wearing the very same hat in the news article at his show!

Kurt caught up with us after the show. I don't think I mentioned it before, since it happened at the same time that I was in hospital, but he was promoted to Major with HPD. Which is kind of cool...except when he has to dash off in the middle of dinner to don his mask, cape and tights to fight crime -- as happened this time. He did stop before reaching the nearest phone booth to take a photo or two with me, but alas...some of them are on his camera so we will need to see if my eyes are open in any of those.

Friday, my sister and I (sans Sushi, who had to return to Austin that morning) took my mom out to lunch. We thought of Broos and created this photo tribute for him because we wished he had come to Hawaii, too.

I'm back at home, after accidentally wandering into the office on the way home and sticking around to get caught up on stuff. Working tomorrow, too. No sympathy from Matt and SteveD, who've been putting in late nights while I've been lounging on the beach.

It's good to be back :)


  1. Yeah, I got off the plane, grabbed lunch, and then went off to the office to do that week's IGN article and write thank you emails.

    No rest for the wicked.

  2. I'm not as wicked as folks might...


    Nevermind. I guess I am. O.o

  3. Why, yes. Yes, you are. Bruce immortalized on that plate of leftover chocolate proves it.

  4. ::sigh::