Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Shopping with Sushi will remain one of the highlights of my holiday. I'm thinking of it now because my room smells absolutely divine.

She led me into the Lush shop and I bought things. Lovely, jasmine-scented things and it smells like prom time in Hawaii. I've always love jasmine, pikake by any other name. Now I'm sitting here inhaling as deeply as possible to hold in the fragance and the memories :)

Matt recommended that I read Freakonomics. He rather insisted since every day after he lent it to me (often more than once a day), he would ask, "Have you read that book yet?" Thanks to the miracle of a week off, I finally have. It's pretty interesting, though I think the authors skip around so much it felt disjointed. I know they're trying to show the relationships or lack of one between different events, but at some points I would be certain I'd just read the same sentence two pages ago.

Next on my reading list is The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. SteveD recommended it and even lent me the copy he keeps on his desk. Steve writes really well; apparently he won an award in college for a paper he wrote about this book. I've liked everything else he's suggested I read (we were trading poetry websites a while back), so off I go to my next reading assignment.

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