Friday, June 09, 2006

Local PBS is running the series Battlefield Britain. For those of us who like our history reenacted with modern CGI battlers, this is great! Apparently there are only eight episodes in the series, of which two have already run. The Battle of Hastings is currently including a run in with the local police standing in for soldiers circa 1066! Hee!

It doesn't hurt history that one of the presenters, Dan Snow, is really cute, too! :)

Candyce is having a garage sale in a couple of weeks, which is very timely for my move. I've put together a couple of boxes of my crystal and some other odds and ends to sell. While I loved these Princess House crystal objects for seventeen years (I started selling and collecting this stuff when Phil was six months old), most of it has been packed away in boxes.

As I unwrapped them to see what I could possibly bear to part with, it turns out I can part with quite a lot of it. I don't entertain much and I certainly don't need all these variations on candleholders any more. I guess I've outgrown them, which is somewhat a shame. They're very pretty but they're just things to me now and not something I'll miss terribly. Hopefully they'll sell and I can mourn their loss while counting my cash!

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  1. Ack, wait, do you have one of the clear crystal champagne flutes?!?!? I have been searching for one for years and years!!!! I'll buy it! I'll buy 'em all if you have them! Rawr!