Friday, June 23, 2006

Take Your Pet to Work Day

Melody went to the office with me yesterday in anticipating of this annual event. Kind of.

SteveD likes cats, but since he lives with a roommate, he doesn't have any living with him now. So, first Mittens (too scared to come out of his carrying box voluntarily) and now Melody have come to the office to visit him.

She took to the experience a little better than did Mittens. After low-crawling a bit (and a dash down the hallway), Melody settled in, coming out from her comfortable hiding spot to be admired by my co-workers. She's a lot more affectionate than she used to be, thankfully, and submitted to a lot of coaxing and cuddling by the guys around the office. By the end of the day she seemed pretty comfortable and could probably get used to spending time there during the day.

The downside is that we have to keep our office door shut since she really wants to take off running. On the bright side, with the door shut we don't get as much hallway noise as we usually do.

That allowed me to worry my way through my day, saving the townsfolk. I've been working on livening up the place, putting in a few new npcs every day and then wandering around the town to see how things are going. Can't have any of my little dudes walking off the edge, now can I?

Except it seemed that there were always fewer folks than I had added. Turns out that my wandering guards would come across the townsfolk and not recognizing them, do their guardly best to protect their homes by offing the unknown citizens. Kind of funny, in a morbid way. It's fixed now :D

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  1. It's a beautiful thing. Since my pets actually live at our offices, I'm wholly supportive of pets in the workplace.

    The only downside is when Kino decides to bark at the mail man (or woman) when I'm on a crucial conference call with folks from around the world. Invariably, someone asks, "is that a dog barking in your office?" I then have to admit, "No, it's just me. I get like this when I'm speaking in front of a crowd."