Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Change in the Weather

While it's still hot out during the day, the temperature drops once the sun sets and then it gets much cooler.

I can always tell when the weather changes because Mittens will sleep at the foot of the bed all summer, only moving up to curl beside me when it gets cooler. Right now, he's curled up against my thigh, paws out before him like a little tuxedoed Sphinx. He's so cute!

My trip begins Wednesday, so I'll probably be too busy panicking tomorrow to post anything :) Our beta starts this week and I find myself anxious to know how it will be received. I've long since lost my objectivity when it comes to the stuff I'm doing for this one and not being here when our players first get to see it is going to drive me nuts! I'm sure SteveD is anxious for me to get out of the office for a while, for in the past week he's had to put up with my suddenly muttering profanities as I try to put this or that together.

Ah, well. I'm sure things will sort themselves out without me fretting over it. I need to nudge Mittens aside and slip beneath the covers to get some rest, for tomorrow will be a busy day.

Have a nice week, everyone! If I can get online while I'm away, I know where to look for you guys :)


  1. Safe journeys!


  2. Have a terrific trip, 'ster, and take some photos for those of us left behind!

    Love you!!!

  3. Cross fingers for the beta!
    You know I love your work and I am sure I'll love EoF more than anything else before that :)