Sunday, December 10, 2006


Been trying to post for the past couple of days, but Blogger has insisted my directory doesn't exist. Haven't touched anything that looks like a directory lately, so I suspect it's really that Blogger wants me to switch to their beta release and I am stubbornly refusing to do so.

After searching through various forums about blogger issues, I finally found a post that provided the solution for my ftp issues, though apparently other folks still can't ftp to their external sites. I had to add a period to my ftp pathname. Go worked without one since 2001, but now apparently wants to go all uterine and require a period. Whatever.

This is a low-key weekend, just hanging out and being quiet. Went to the company party on Friday, mostly to check out the Museum of Natural History. I hate to say I was underwhelmed by it; maybe they'd locked up some of the rooms to keep drunken party-goers from ruining displays. It seemed awfully small and disappointing, though. I had a tonic water, said hello to a couple of other devs and their dates, then left. Never did run into Broos, presuming he was there, so it's a good thing I didn't bring along any chocolate shortbread for him.

Chris is in Hawaii with my sister and niece for U2/Pearl Jam. I have to go swipe Barb's car later to pick them all up at the airport tonight. They'd best all be bringing me napples! =)

Later today I'm going to Solana Beach to visit a shop that I've been curious to see ever since one of our artists mentioned it to me: Leaping Lotus. That will be followed by a date with another internet dude (Project Boyfriend continues) before I pick up the family and return them home.

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