Saturday, November 18, 2006

Why I Hate Exercise

1. I hate perspiring.
2. The gym is always too cold.
3. The locker rooms smell funny.
4. Sweaty people make me nervous.
5. Exercise clothes are expensive.
6. I'm uncoordinated.
7. The other girls are in better shape than me.
8. I grapevine left; everyone else grapevines right.
9. The classes are inconvenient.
10. The gym is too warm.
11. Everyone else is wearing better gym clothes.
12. I hate perspiring.
13. The gym is too crowded.
14. There's never anyone else in the gym.
15. Public showers are uncool, except for onsen.

Those are my reasons. What are yours?


  1. Still fae-less here.. darn Europe :(
    What about your italian lessons? :)

    Sigh.. I need.. more time..

  2. Exercise:
    * Interferes with shopping
    * Interferes with eating
    * Interferes with sleeping
    But I like it.

    I'm trying to figure out some routine for us that'll let me sweat like a hog while you don't sweat at all =P