Thursday, November 09, 2006

That Soundtrack Thing

I burned a CD of my soundtrack and played it in my car tonight to ensure that it would work on something other than my PC. And you know...I really like it (up to track 15 anyway).

Tomorrow, I will have quite a different CD in the car, for my Italian language lessons have arrived and I shall be repeating after my invisible instructors on the way to and from work.

The only problem I foresee is that I will be too shy to actually speak to anyone in Italian. It happened every trip to Japan; I couldn't say more than a few Japanese words to anyone. In Moscow, it wasn't so much of a problem as I knew exactly two words of Russian, and even though the nice chaps at Akella tried to teach us a few more words, I came away with my same two words :) At least they are polite ones!

Listening to myself speak, when I'm alone anyway, I think I sound like a reasonable facsimile of whatever native speaker I'm imitating. I don't know why it frightens me to think of talking to someone in their own language.

So we shall see. I have three different types of language CDs as well as a dictionary and that's got to be enough to grant me two whole sentences in Italian by the time I take my trip! :)


  1. Ta dah!!

    Virtual italian teacher to the rescue! :)

    Can you install something like Skype? It would be fun :) (and useful I hope).

  2. Well, let me see first how Mr. Pimsleur does by me before I venture to say anything to Mr. Falconeer ;)