Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sadness and Song

The news is finally out. Naturally, sharing an office with Steve, I've known his news for some time. When I came into the office the other day to see that he'd packed up half of his toy collection, I stood in the doorway and just felt so, so sad.

Yeah, I threw an owl at him. Yeah, we swear at each other almost every day. Yeah, I'm totally going to miss him.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ooh. The Soundtrack thing! (Clever segue, eh?) I'd been meaning to put this up ever since I got it from someone on MySpace a couple weeks ago, but haven't had time. Now that Melissa has also put up a soundtrack of her life, I'm inspired to do mine! And so, here we go:

Opening Credits:
"Better People"- India.Arie

Waking Up:
"Bad Connection" Yaz

First Day At School:
"Ebudae" Enya

Falling In Love:
"Going Out of My Head" Queen Latifah

Fight Song:
"Ecstasy" George Fenton

Breaking Up:
"Don't Stop" The Brazilian Girls

"Rockin' After Midnight" Marvin Gaye

Life is Good:
"Do You Remember" Jack Johnson

Mental Breakdown:
"That's Why I'm Here" James Taylor

"Let's Groove" Earth, Wind and Fire

"New Kid in Town" The Eagles

Getting Back Together:
"Keep the Fire" Kenny Loggins

"More of the Night" The Whispers

Final Battle:
"A Love Song" Loggins and Messina

Death Scene:
"That's What A Fae Can Be" I kid you not...sometime I'll put the mp3 of just the song on my website...Steve Danuser, Ryan Shwayder and me

Funeral Song:
"On My Way Home" Enya

End Credits:
"Bailero" Sarah Brightman


  1. First of all, I think StevieD is the best community relationship man I ever met in more than years of online gaming. It is a GREAT loss for EQ2, no matter who will take his place (unless it's you of course :) ).

    Second, I spent part of my morning looking for the songs you posted, wanted to listen them all.. and I am still in the process... :) :)

    Third, I am at work right now and will leave for Paris as soon as I am out of here... weird I know, but true.. I am going to pass the weekend in Paris. So nice :)

    This just to clarify why you won't receive some "details" before monday , when I'll be back :)

    Oh, want a postcard from Paris?

  2. Have a great weekend, Mr. Falconeer :)

    And to clarify for anyone who didn't get the original soundtrack instructions, you basically set your music thinger to random/shuffle and whatever song comes up goes under the heading, then you move to the next heading and jot down whatever song comes up next.

  3. Is there a script that'll grab the titles for me? :P

  4. I see now why you miss your minions, Barb :D