Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Poetry and Prose

In order to meet menfolk beyond the gaming gene pool, I put up little dating profiles at Match and Yahoo, signed up for a couple of months of eHarmony and attended a speed dating event.

Dating has always been a mysterious process. I find myself second-guessing the profiles of the supposed matches...he still seems bitter...surely he's adding on an extra bit of height...and subtracting some girth...this profile isn't what I'd actually meet. So far, including the time that Melani and I went through this all those years ago, I've been right.

The men I've met (whether face to face or not) through these dating adventures are mostly prose. They're nice enough but I kept hoping there'd be poetry somewhere. A song, a spark...something.

I'm still optimistic. Poetry is on the horizon, perhaps it is in my life even now. That's the beauty of being a hopeless romantic! Romance is always a possibility!

Could it already be here? :)


  1. Blah, romance. Takes too much energy and an industrial-strength Wonderbra. Besides all that, the best you can hope for is that in thirty years his toupee and dentures fit.

    OMG I'm not being very supportive, am I? Uhm...nevermind!

  2. Wow. You have issues, 'ster.


    Perhaps you need a new Wonderbra!

    As for you, Mr. Falconeer... I have no idea what to say :D Other than...where's a photo of you so I can tell whether all my muttering "la forchetta...il coltello..." is worthwhile? ;)

  3. Photo of me?
    NOW I am scared!

    But I guess it's fair given that I saw your pictures quite a bunch of time already.
    Just give me some time to arrange it...

    P.S: How 'broken' is my english? Can't help it. That's what happens when you learn it through music, movies and videogames :)

  4. Your English is much better than my non-existent Italian. :D

  5. I have no issues now that there are no men in my life =)