Sunday, October 01, 2006

See Tracy Travel!

Photos from Russia are up now! I still have some on my disposable camera, mainly of Red Square at night.


  1. What a richly textured city! Did you pick up any pashminas while you were there?!?

  2. The area painter in me sees lots of exquisite detail in those photos that would make an interesting ancient city.

    Funny how painting with words tends to make you look at things in the real world with a more detailed perspective.

  3. Great pictures for a trip I really envy you for :)

    Oh, and you are as lovely as ever :) :) :) ( <3 )

  4. Pashminas are from India, aren't they? In any event, no, because everything was so hideously expensive! They've taken capitalism to heart :D

    And I know what you mean,'s taken quite a while for me to get out the habit of looking at something and thinking of how to describe it in text!

    Mr. Falconeer... ;)

  5. Pashminas...they're everywhere you oughta be! I think I meant babushkas, though.

    Too bad about the capitalism part. But what a neat adventure! Stepping on the same soil as the Romanovs, Lenin, Napoleon's spies. Gazing at buildings erected in royal, communist, and democratic regimes, all jumbled together into one of the mightiest cities in the world. America simply doesn't have enough history to look like that (even if the Outdoor Circle would allow it)!

    I'd like to go there someday. Marina, my pal from Moscow, keeps insisting I visit the place with her one of these days. That'd be a fun trip!