Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Inspired by Steph's recent accomplishments, I took up my needles and have nearly finished a scarf. Very similar to that one, anyway, only slightly shorter and of a nappier yarn (to hide the error of my knitty ways). It's only about an hour away from completion.

If I'm lucky, it'll stay cool long enough for me to actually wear it around here. By gosh, it's fricking cold down here!

It would have been finished by now if I had actually read the instructions instead of just looking at the photo in the book and saying, "Cool. I can do that."

After an hour's going, I glanced down and realized my scarf was twice as wide as it needed to be, so I had to riiiiiip it apart and start over. And there were a couple of times when I got to thinking about something else and knit when I should've purled, but with the nappy yarn you can't tell. Bwahahahaha!

Chris and I went to see Pan's Labyrinth on Saturday with Matt, Jose and Jose's friend whose name escapes me. It was an awesome film (if a bit bloody...I spent some time with my eyes squeezed tightly shut). Then, against my better judgment, we had dinner with them too. Chris says Matt brings out the best in me, but I'd like to think my best is better than profanity, kicking under the table and stink eye. :( Mostly I think my cherub just enjoys seeing me get into trouble.


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  1. That movie is awesome. I am somehow glad you saw it :)