Thursday, January 18, 2007

Scarf it down!

My fuzzy Windy City scarf complete, I wore it to work today whereat Barb admired it and commented how my niece might like one (or more like, how my sister might like one so Cyd won't lose it).

And so, tonight I caught up on some TiVo and started another scarf for Cyd out of some of Suz's yarn. I think Suz would've liked that.

Mittens is trying desperately to climb into my lap. It was bad enough when I was knitting and he kept trying to climb on in, yarn be damned. It's even more difficult trying to type on my laptop around him.

What he's trying to say is, is that it's my bedtime and I need to go to sleep.

And on that note...what does it mean when one cat washes the face of another cat? Is it that she's tasting him to see if he's edible or does it mean that Melody and Mittens have reached another level of acceptance? Curious minds want to know!

1 comment:

  1. Awwww. I'm honored that you're using Suz yarn for Cyd's scarf. You are truly wonderful.

    I especially like that little slit in the design that lets the scarf hang onto itself. So clever, you =) Either that or you really =did= drop a few perls =D

    Still no heat in my apartment. I called today to tell them if it wasn't fixed by 5pm I was going to get it fixed and send them the bill. They finally marked it as an emergency order...dipsticks =/

    Keala called me from Kim Chee III (she's in Honolulu) and hollered at me for causing snow to fall in Hermosa Beach. Snow! I told her they should've gotten me a weather satellite instead of a GPS for Christmas =P

    Gosh. Now you have me thinking about Suz and the girls =/