Sunday, January 21, 2007

Knit Two

Cyd's scarf is done and looks good with her autumnal coloring :) I've moved on to knitting a hat to wear on my travels because according to the Weather Channel, some of my destinations are having weather in the 30s. Do I want to buy a hat for a couple of trips? No! I'm too damn cheap! But I have yarn, knitting needles and the internet. What could possibly go wrong?


I have to get my knitting projects done while the inspiration is with me, else things will end up un-knit for years, languishing with a knitting needle holding together the row at which point I stopped.

Steph...this is all your fault! Argh!

In the "Oooh!" news department, I'm going to be a little speaker at the Game Developer's Conference this year. Yay! Although I must admit, part of my excitement is that speakers get a VIP pass, which means I can attend all the sessions that aren't happening at the same time as mine. The session I'm involved with is a panel on how to swing your non-gamey skills into a game job. Well, I am your poster child for having non-gamey skillz!

And then I'll end GDC week by staying over in San Francisco for an extra couple of days. Hopefully Barb will be able to break away and join me...for behold! There is a Lush store on the street outside my hotel where we can pick up a one or two scented goodies! Well, quite a few scented goodies as all the stuff I bought last year in Hawaii is used up and I must get more! More! MORE!

Sushi...this is all your fault! :D


  1. When is GDC week? Possibly we can get together since you'll be up my way?

  2. That scarf is gorgeous, 'ster, you are stellar...even if it is all Steph's fault =)

    Greatest aunt ever! Mwwwa!!