Sunday, January 28, 2007

Knit Three

Ten minutes from my apartment is a shop that sells spiffy yarns. They also offer knitting classes. I've just returned home from my Continental method class and can now knit and purl with the yarn in my left hand! Not very well, but I just need some practice. Well, lots of practice. But having seen someone knitting this way first-hand rather than just in a book helped me immensely in figuring things out.

We shall see how long this phase lasts. I also bought a circular needle and some nice woolly cotton mix yarn to knit another scarf out of. I'm going to try diagonal knitting, which sounds pretty simple. Hopefully, it is.

I've temporarily lost the hearing in my left ear, which is pretty interesting. When my head tilts a certain way I can sense all the marbles moving :D But I just can't hear them. This should resolve itself...and I certainly hope it does before an ear infection sets in cause that would seriously suck.

Otherwise a placid day around ye olde apartment. Caught up with all my game magazines yesterday and had an absolutely brilliant idea...but couldn't find a pen, and by the time I got one, the idea had fled. Stupid ideas.

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  1. My knitster. I'm amazed that you've taken this to heart, at least for the time being. It's tres should knit something for mom =)