Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mad Knitters

Ever since this knitting madness came upon me, I started looking for different websites with various patterns for things I could make. I'm currently making a beret, but it doesn't look like much.

Then I found a pattern for a hat and this one promises a hat from any yarn at any gauge for anyone. You have to love someone whose instructions list for an easy hat includes "Robert Mondavi Shiraz." [which, when you just glance at a pattern, you'll know that a lot of them include the brand names of the yarn they're using, so I didn't catch it right off, until I went back to see if I had everything...and I did have enought stuff to do this hat, except for the shiraz...but we digress...]

In today's lunch episode, a small group of us went to Buca, which now serves lunch. Seemed like a good choice, except that when the poor waiter asked me what I wanted to drink, they were out of iced tea. Followed by, they don't serve Coke products...and then when I was ready to order lunch, they hadn't made any lasagna.

How can an Italian restaurant not have lasagna!?

Matt offered to throw a fit on my behalf. SimSlayer Joe suggested he wait until we had our food in front of us so it wouldn't be spat upon. I am practicing being calm in Matt's presence, so I tried not to kick him and tell him to knock it off. And all's well that ends well, as Buca did have my second choice meal and Matt restrained himself so that we may be able to go back for lunch someday.


  1. That Buca place sounds suspect :)
    Oh, and just a curiousity: do you know that very few restaurant in Roma serve lasagnas?
    Just so you'll be prepared :D
    (But I swear there are soooo many delicious things... *sigh* now I am salivating, and I am on a diet!)

  2. :)

    I can make lasagna, but haven't done so in a long while and it just sounded about right...cheeeeeese, pasta, sauce... Now I'll have to make one at home!

    Hope you're feeling better!

  3. I'm feeling much better! I am able to meow like a cat again! :)

    Audio file incoming!! :D :D