Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Doomsday Machine

I've enjoyed the digitally remastered Star Trek episodes. Star Trek was so cool to me back in the day, I was dismayed to realize I'd be in my 40's in the 21st century :) I wanted to be young enough to join Star Fleet because I was going to be Lt. Uhura someday. Hahaha!

Last week's show was one of my favorites, The Doomsday Machine, or as my sister and I like to call it, "The Ham Hock Episode" due to the machine's shape. While it's still going to be a favorite of mine, I have to admit that I miss the sparkly glittery innards of the old ham hock. It's much more impressive now with its spiffy CGI-ness. And, the shots of the Constellation adrift are really nice, especially when a little asteroid hits it and falls to pieces as one might expect.

But when they showed the interior of the ham hock, I was disappointed. Instead of enhancing its peculiar iridescent swirl, they replaced it entirely with an orange flame. Nice, but now how I remember it.

Oh, well. They aren't trying to please just me. At least they've been doing some of my favorite episodes so that's good.

My eyes are shutting on me, telling me I'm exhausted. Could it be because I was flipping channels last night and got hooked on VH1's 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders, hosted by William Shatner? Until (I believe) 3AM whereupon I fell asleep, completely missing the top ten anyway? :(


  1. Remastered?
    And they actually changed stuff?

    I hated the Star Wars Trilogy revamp with passion.. I can't believe they did it again with Star Trek. Do we really need remastering, rewriting and history changing?

    OMG :(((((

  2. They've actually done a very decent job. What they're doing is pretty-ing up the sequences that used stop-motion and other graphics. Phasers are a lot more phasery, for example :)

    Overall, a really tidy job. There's some episodes where I honestly could not see where they had done any clean up.

    But this ham hock, being my favorite episode, I could tell :)