Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Knit Four

Rather than doing my current project in feather and fan, I thought perhaps I should keep it simple since I'd really like to complete it before the baby starts school. Instead, I am doing this very easy diagonal baby blanket. The only change I've made is to use a different brand of yarn, as the shop was out of the pound of yarn called for in a color suitable for a baby boy. I'm making it in a dusky, denimy blue that feels very nice.

I wish I'd re-taken up with the knitting before. It would have filled lots of hours lost to Sims 2 University, that's for sure. :)

Lately I've been playing around with a variety of free online games to see what else is out there. I already know I don't like FPS, but there's so many interesting and surprisingly free games in the, RPGs, weird ones like Kitten Cannon. I might jot down some highlights later. So far, I think my favorite is one of those mini-games that I find so endlessly fascinating: Slideout.

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