Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday in the Park

Balboa Park is only five minutes or so from my apartment. Today I went to the Museum of Photography to meet a Project Boyfriend contestant. Apparently, everyone in San Diego decided to descend upon Balboa Park, and I truly can't blame them. It's a beautiful day! Enough of a breeze to be cool, blue skies and sunshine.

I had a lovely time. We walked through the museum, sat by the fountain and then walked through the rose and cactus gardens before heading our separate ways to our cars. If I'd gotten an earlier start on the day, I might have actually walked all the way over, since it's truly not that far away.

Walking is the type of exercise I prefer to all others. With the right shoes and some water to drink, one can walk for hours. I might give it a go next weekend if the weather is as nice. It would be relaxing to spread a blanket on the grass and lay out with a book for a while.


  1. Hey T'chick and Babs, did either of you go to Punahou School?


  2. That's where the rich kids went, not po' folks like us!

    Almost every where I've lived on the mainland, someone's said, "I know someone who went to school in Hawaii!" and it invariably means their friend went to Punahou.

    So unless Mr. Obama was in JROTC, I'd have never crossed paths with him back in the day. At least in those years, we could count on Punahou's football and JROTC teams to suck. :D