Friday, June 22, 2007

Happiness is...

...having two cats and a cherub who are happy to see you return :)

Two cats follow me from room to room, begging me to scritch their heads. They're so cute! Mittens is curled up beside me now, purring.

Chris and I walked to the post office yesterday so he could buy 1 cent stamps. He is making a living selling Oz Fest tickets on eBay, apparently, but only has the 37 cent stamps handy.

He puts a quarter into the stamp vending machine, enters in a number and stamps roll out, followed by the clatter of change.

"It reminds me of those games at Chuckee Cheese," I said as Chris picked up the coins and put them back into the machine to get more stamps, "The ones with the tickets."

More stamps unfurl from the machine, followed by more change clattering out.

Me: "Ooh! We're winning! And we get change back! This is great! I love this game!"

Chris: "Heh...I love you, mom."

Hearing that, my friends, makes being a goofball all worthwhile.

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