Friday, July 13, 2007

Whoopsie, Gryph! They're Size 6!

Now that I'm home with my knitting, I see that I had misremembered the needle size. I would have used size 7 but happened to already have the circular 6.

At 182 stitches, it's 44 inches wide and would be more when blocked (which I might not do as it's not curling up due to its border). With 2.5 skeins in, it's 15 inches. Your estimate of 5 skeins needed is great, even with size 7 needles.

I've been watching episodes of Knitty Gritty at night to keep me company as I knit. While some of it is kind of hokey-sounding, it's interesting to see different stitches and patterns explained.

One episode showed a corset top, which I might try sometime. The main thing I liked was the lace pattern on its top. It looked so cool, I may try to use that for the Child's Play baby blanket instead of the feather and fan again.

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  1. Size 6. Hmm. Checking Ye Olde Knitting Needle Vase, I see I haven't even straights in that size. I really need to just break down and buy the interchangeable circular kit.

    Thanks for the dimensions, too! Between my Christmas knitting list, and this blanket, I'll have plenty to keep my fingers busy.