Sunday, July 15, 2007

Baby Blanket A' Go-Go!

Well, the pattern from the corset doesn't translate well into a baby blanket. I think it's too subtle, even across multiple repetitions. Also tried my hand at bobbles, but that would be annoying for an entire blanket :)

Unless I find something I like better, I'll do the Child's Play blanket in feather and fan, too. It is a beautiful, simple pattern.

My knitting will come with me, of course. I have to show Heidi, with whom I'm having dinner tomorrow night. Heidi is the attorney I used to work with in Seattle and she also knits so she'll appreciate the blanket's progress.

I TiVo'd the Concert for Diana and have been listening to it while I knit and putter around today. Some of the artists, I must admit, I've only known previously by name and not by voice, so it's cool to actually hear them. Joss Stone can belt out a tune, that's for sure! And I'm sorry I missed the first coming of Take That. :)

Must finish packing and cuddling with Mittens. I'm always sad to leave him for a week. He's so cute.

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