Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Non parlo Italiano...

...except in my car. :(

I am nearing the end of CD number 2, currently mumbling prepositions. Per, da,'s so musical, like a song! Per, da, di! Per, di, da! Life goes!

One thing I'm somewhat struggling with is making my tongue curl up naturally around the R sound. It's like purring...I know how it works, but sometimes it doesn't come out that way. My current favorite word to say is scrivere. Mmm...scrivere, baby. That's followed closely by comprendere. But for the life of me, parlare sounds as though my mouth is full of marbles, and not in a good way.

Mr. Falconeer, my Italian friend, blogs in Italian. I struggled in vain to get through a post, then had to let Google translator butcher the hell out of it. On the bright side, I have some idea what he's up to. On the other hand, even Google was stumped by his casual, colloquial style.

Which is a good thing, when you think on it. After all, none of us speak English like a textbook, so reading Italian as someone who speaks Italian would write it should be a good exercise for my brain.

Per, da, di!


  1. Oh you are so lovely! Can't wait to hear you speak italian :)
    In exchange, please consider that I spent most of the last month in Finland TRYING to speak English and actually making a fool of myself every two words. Writing it, scrivere (heh), it's one thing. Speaking it is another! And so the finns laughed and laughed hard at all my goofy attempts. Oh, no need to say that it's THAT hard for me to make the R the way you do it. Cause as you underlined already, it's completely different! Even simple stuff like "Where are" sounds like "verr vrr!" when I try to say it :) Not to mention "her robots" or "where were their parents?" oh madness!!

    About the way I write, il modo in cui io scrivo, sometimes I think it sounds stupid even in Italian. Too much work to find the right word, the right "melody"... wonder if my fellows understand it.

    Well, can't wait to exchange languages with you. Arrivederci!

  2. Mr. Falconeer, your English is fine; I've heard you speaking it before.

    Why were you asking someone about her robots? :D