Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Woman in Me

Earlier this week, the woman in me bought a new PS2. Yesterday, she followed up with a trip to Kiev.


I'm going for a number reasons: I've never been there before; it has awesome architecture; it gets me 14,400 miles; and it was relatively inexpensive. Relative to say, Tokyo or Rome in the same time frame.

The trip won't be very long, only three days on the ground, but I want to do something completely different. Traveling alone, I find, often meets that need for me. In a way, it's easier than traveling with some one as I like to plan in advance and be prepared for all sorts of events. When you're with someone else, you need to take their abilities and interests in mind.

It may not be an easy trip (like, I don't speak any Ukranian or Russian), but it will be interesting. And that's what life should be: interesting!


  1. Oh wow, SO EXCITING! Very cool and I bet you'll have a great time! My mom went to Russia a few years ago and loved it!

    *wanders off to start pricing random trips on*

  2. Sushi: Use FareCompare instead: Put in your home airport in and then see where you can go all at once :) It's awesome!

  3. Hm. Well, that URL kind of got et up. Anyway, if you go to the website, you can use the Gateway Maps feature to show you possible destinations.

  4. Holy RANDOM! Kiev? That's... umm WTH?! lol!

    Now I'm going to have to take a look at that website because I have to admit, there is something interesting in random travel, when the wallet can afford it.

    Have fun and be safe!