Sunday, August 26, 2007


Chris turns twenty-one today. I won't be seeing him until tonight, when Our Sainted Mother and I will go over to eat where he's working.

Possibly not the birthday celebration he's been hoping for, but there you have it. I hope he's sleeping in today.

I meant to go out last night with Cat, Junior and Adam to have dinner and Extraordinary Desserts, but alas...spending the day doing laundry for OSM, plus shopping and bill paying left me less-than-social by the time evening rolled around.

What is so draining to me is how repetitive the day is. I'm not sure how often we discussed having dinner where we could see Chris, or what day Cyd starts school or what she wanted to buy at the grocery store. It's difficult to treat each duplicate conversation as the first time you've had it.

We spent the time in between our tasks putting together jigsaw puzzles. We finished one Saturday morning and started a new on Saturday afternoon. OSM has always done puzzles and I enjoy them as well. I can't do them at my place as puzzle pieces = cat toys. Before I had cats, I used to do puzzles with the boys.

Someday, Chris will have a little cherub turn twenty-one and I hope Chris will still hang out with his feeble-minded mother. He says he will.


  1. Just wasn't the same without ya last night, we'll have to try again soon!

  2. aw we missed you last night :(

  3. guys are sweet :)

    Who are you, Nether? I cannot view your profile...or dare we say, the nether region (like you haven't heard that before)?


  4. i'm not sure why my name isnt' showeing as sakkakth :( nether was my old old OLD screename

  5. Welcome to my world with OSM.