Sunday, September 02, 2007

I Hate Tequila

Margaritas are nice; tequila shots are not.

Scott had a BBQ/birthday party last night at his place. It was roastingly, broilingly hot in the house. We clustered by open windows and beneath ceiling fans. We drank refreshing chilled beverages.

And as you can see in the photo, I now have another owl! Cat had bought a pair of stuffed animals and gave one to me! Yay!

Early on, Scott mentioned that he had bought some very expensive tequila because he loved my reaction to the last party I attended at his house wherein tequila shots were consumed and I commented how vile they were.

"I got us the good stuff this time!" Scott crowed. He had a gallon jug of Patron, just waiting for the kill. He lulled me into a false sense of security by allowing a couple of hours to pass between the ceremonial viewing of the jug and the arrival of the enormous red plastic Chalice of Doom.

He swears it was only one shot. To me, it appeared that there was much, much more. I believe he had someone video the drinking thereof...and it was just as awful in its more expensive form as it was in whatever cheaper version we had last time.

Later, I lounged about hoping desperately to not pass out. Emily commented, "You're quite flushed!" and when I mentioned that part of it was that I'm Asian, she knew exactly which gene I was missing to cause such a reaction. She has a degree in biological mishaps, if I remember correctly.

Clearly, I was suffering from such a mishap. Noel graciously brought me a hot dog. Emily and Junior brought me iced water. Thankfully, I neither passed out nor regurgitated anything. In sympathy, Noel let me run my fingers through his hair :) He has such lovely hair AND currently has an almost velvet scalp thing going near the nape of his neck. I adore velvet scalp and encouraged Emily to fondle Noel's hair, too.

We'd have fondled Junior's scalp, but it was so hot that he was uncomfortably sweaty, which makes the experience less pleasurable. As an expert in velvet scalp, I know these things! :)

In this languorous mood, I played my first game of Guitar Hero. This is very obviously a game one needs to play alone at home for many hours before attempting to do so in public. Fun, but needless to say, I was not very good at it.

I hope Scott recovers from the burns he sustained when a hot pan seared right through the oven mitt to his hand. If he'd burnt himself after the tequila shots, though, I might not have had so much sympathy for the devil!

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