Saturday, December 29, 2007

I Suck!

Yes, indeed I do, for now I have my Royal Airo-pro RY2000!

I've never owned a cannister vacuum before. Ever since my first apartment, I've had an upright of some sort. But upon leaving San Diego, I decided to leave the old vacuum behind and get a new one once I settled in.

As some of you know, I collect airline miles and by shopping on-line at certain merchants, I get points for my purchases. Hence, I ordered my little vacuum and awaited its arrival. It got here on Thursday.

Yesterday, I unpacked it and set it up. This is the lightest vacuum in the world! I can practically swing it around by the hose. At the lower power setting (useful for curtains, which I don't have), it's extraordinarily quiet.

Mittens was offended, however. He and Melody retreated to the bedroom and every time the vacuum pooked in through the open door, he hissed and charged it, bristling with anger. Melody hid under the bed.

Later on, I plan to vacuum off their cat condos, which are each as furry as a sasquatch. The cats will really hate me then! Muahahahaha!


  1. What?! You didn't get a tank with an AK-47 attachment? Cuz they come with belt sanders and spray guns, too, you know =)

    Though it would've wiped out your points, I'll bet.

  2. While I would *love* a Dyson, we currently have a Roomba - and I absolutely adore it. One of the best parts? The kitten keeps turning it on at random by walking over the top of it. Not only does it then clean the house all nice, but it freaks out all the animals as well!

  3. I'm jealous. I totally want a Roomba. I'm a little worried about my son's habit of leaving Legos on the floor, though...

  4. Roomba does well, but mostly on non-carpted floors. I love mine, and it does OK on my carpet, but tends to pick way too much fluff and fills it up fairly quickly on my newish carpet.

    Still, I do love the thing, and it does extremely well picking up the spare cat litter :)


  5. You guys make me sad I didn't spring for a Roomba :D

  6. Take the Airo back. The Roomba comes in red!

    I'd get one, except I love my Kirby. Roomba has no shampoo option.


  8. Blah, it cut off the URL, dangit. Anyway, it's cheap at that website, just search it for the Red Roomba =) Hee!