Thursday, December 27, 2007


Chris's schedule was so tight that he was only with me for a day and a half. He and Phil drove up in Phil's car (which is the same model Nissan that Chris has, only Phil has not lowered and put a cow scoop on the front of his) yesterday by 8:30AM to maximize the time.

As the time was short, we abbreviated everything, yet managed to do all our traditional holiday things in the short time we had. The cherubs hooked up my new surround sound system (a gift I bought for myself) so that we could enjoy the fullness of the Rebel Alliance zipping all over my living room via Star Wars. :)

Chris fell asleep and so Phil and I started watching a movie I'd given to him, Samurai. When Chris woke up, he was confused...where was Episode V, his puzzled expression conveyed.

"We're watching the correct movie," said Phil.

I added, "That's right. It's The Feudal Empire Strikes Back."

And of course, we did actually follow Samurai with the rest of Star Wars...because that's what we do. I cackled gleefully every time I heard the surround sound surrounding us. It's so cool! Hahaha!

The cherubs just left as Phil has to work this afternoon and Chris is going to go hang out with his friends until his flight leaves early tomorrow morning. I already miss them. :(

At least there's a game night tonight to help take my mind off the lack of cherubic chirpings in the apartment.


  1. Sounds like you guys had a fun time! Sorry it was so short. :(

    We miss you here in San Diego! (or well I'm missing you from D.C. right)

  2. Awwww. Too short a time with the cherubs. Damn, they grow up and go on so quickly =(

    Hi Cat! We miss you here in San Diego, too!