Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Wrapping it Up

I spent last night watching The Polar Express and wrapping gifts. As always, I lay out the things I've gotten for the cherubs and then fret that I haven't gotten them enough.

Their stockings are hanging up now, bulging with their favorite candies and I hope they like the things I did get for them. I will not see them until tomorrow.

I haven't decorated much this year at all (other than with cardboard...such a versatile material ;))

As I wrapped gifts, I had my laptop going and it started chirping at me. Matt IMs from South America, where he's travelling around through the beginning of next year. And Jean asks me to come over for Christmas supper!

Jean and I worked together at AIG. She was a manager and I was the president's assistant. Her husband Brian often called the office while he was on the road, and if Jean was on another call, he'd talk to me until she could pick up. As I spent my days with Jean as well as copious phone time with Brian, I got to know them both fairly well.

They often invited me over for holidays. Brian loves to cook; he went to a culinary school in San Francisco. Once I commented about his culinary experience to Jean and turns out she had been unaware he'd gone to a school for it. But I knew because he and I had talked about it.

Another time, I emerged from the bathroom with the empty toilet paper roll and asked where their recycle bin was. "Just put it in the trash," said Brian. "You recycle these," I said. "No, we don't," he replied. "Yes, you do," I said, laughing with Jean. She'd told me that he'd throw the cardboard away and she'd later pull it out for recycling but she couldn't break him of tossing them out.

It'll be great to see them again for another lovely, scrumptious prime rib. Broos would love it, too. Brian's a really good cook! And Jean is a wonderful person and friend.

Mele Kalikimaka!