Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Christmas!

I'm having trouble typing. Mittens is firmly wedged between me and my laptop, chin resting on my left wrist. It's funny to see his poor little head bobbing up and down as I type, but that's the price he must pay for wanting to snuggle right now!

Today I'm finishing up some of my chores. Two big boxes left to haul out to the dumpster. I shove as much paper as I can into the recycle bin, then chuck the box into the trash. Shameful, I know, but the recycle bin just isn't big enough and I have failed to find a store that doesn't lock its recycle bins closed.

Boxes migrate from one room to the next as I reorganize closets into which I dumped stuff upon first moving in. Things that need to go to the office (I keep a ton of reference books at work) are stacked by the kitchen. Ye olde window seat of plastic shelves and leather pillows is resurrected in my dining room, providing a bench seat that's only slightly too high for the table.

Guess that's where I'll sit short people ;)

I'm kind of hoping to see Ron today, but he's been packing to move (coincidentally, not all that far from where I'm living now) and has also been entertaining some work-related guests that aren't leaving until after Boxing Day. Oh, well. If I don't see him today, I'll just have to eat the pistachio-studded fudge I was going to give him. Muahahaha!

May all your hopes and wishes come true for the season!


  1. Do we assume that Ron is the new boyfriend?

    And does he eat steak?


  2. I can only surmise that this is you, Broos ;)

    Boyfriend is much too strong a word to use. We've only gone out a handful of times.

    And, yes, he eats steak. Medium-rare. Rrrwawr! :)

  3. LOL! Well Happy Christmas chicka! Glad to see you found a nice carnivorous beastie to snuggle up against! Sounds like all is well up north! Things are in fine shape down here too! I promise to catch up on your blog in much detail soon... Would be MUCH easier if I could plug an RSS-feed into Sage and catch these things as you post them! *nudge* *nudge* :)

    Happy Christmas to Babs too, of course! :)



  4. Happy Christmas back, 'ster. And Nick =) And Broos =)

    And everybody who arrives after!

    Glad to see you're dating a steak-eater. Will make getting together much easier when we can all be carnivorous. Bwaha!